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API, Data Model, and XSDs

A public API is available to query all published QC Test definitions (including links to the famous 'Card' images).

Example API calls

https://ebu.io/qc/api/v1/items returns all published (and any deprecated) Test Items

https://ebu.io/qc/api/v1/items/0001F returns a specific Test Item

https://ebu.io/qc/api/v1/items/0001F/versions/2.0 returns a specific version of a Test Item

Fair use (rate limiting)

The API calls are limited in time & amount.

Requests also can be cached, so you may get a 429 if you already got the latest information. See the API documentation for more details.

API documentation

The API documentation consists of a description and an XML Schema document:

Additional functionality

Since 01 June 2023, a flag is available that allows the export of all Items in CSV or JSON:


If you specify an unrecognized output-format, XML will be used as the default.

If you use an unrecognized query format (e.g. misspelled 'outputformat'), you will get an emtpy result.

EBU.IO/QC Data model

The data model that forms the basis for the EBU.IO/QC system is described in the following publications:


We welcome your feedback (questions, issues, ideas, etc.) via tech@ebu.ch

Git used for development

The data model and API specs are developed using this git (accessible to EBU QC Group participants).

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