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Note that the following features are NOT available to every user (e.g. administrator access may be required).

Parameter values deletion

The pre-defined values for the Parameters (Types, Representations, Units, Ranges):

1. Are versioned.
2. Have an official/unofficial flag
3. Cannot be deleted, unless no QC Items are referencing them

Trying to delete a Parameter value of which *any* version is still in use by *any* QC Item version, will fail. A list is shown to help locate which QC Items use the values.

Further note that although the Parameters are versioned, for future publications/increasing consistency, effectively only the latest version of a Parameter value is relevant; In other words: the latest versions of all QC Items should ideally only refer to the latest and official versions of each Parameter value!

Version by Frans De Jong - March 23, 2023, 3:05 p.m.