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Filtering QC Items

You can filter the Tests collection by using the filters on: https://qc.ebu.io/items

Quick filter

The Quick filter allows you to quickly filter the Items shown, by text.

Advanced filters

The Advanced filters allow you to filter in a much more granular way. The fields you can filter by depend on your access level. E.g. Editors can filter by Item Status ('published', 'drafting', etc.).

Note that the QC Items you see depend on your rights. Non-logged users only see 'published' and 'withdrawn' QC Items. Editors see all. But regardless of your rights, you will only see the LATEST VERSION of the Item you have a right to see!

This means that for example as an Editor you cannot see the latest published QC Item in the list directly, if the Item also has a newer 'drafting' version (but you CAN find it by logging out or by looking at the Item's history).

Export (CSV)

For Editors, the Advanced filters also includes an 'Export (CSV)' button, which exports the filtered Items in CSV format.

Note the export is in 'UTF 8'. If you try to open this in Microsoft Excel, you may need to signal this explicitly. See for Example: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/excel/open-and-edit-a-csv-file-in-utf8/m-p/1035542

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