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QC tags

QC Items and QC Templates can be tagged with Tags. Both Items and Templates use their own Tags list.

The Tags are meant to help group and find relevant Items / Templates more easily.

QC Item Tags

Note that the Advanced Filter:

  • Includes Tags in the 'Text' search field.
  • Allows to search explicitly by Tags using the 'Tags' field.

Remember that the Advanced Filter only searches in the latest Versions of QC Items that are *visible to you* based on your QC Role.

QC Tags Lifetime

Goal is to minimize 'noise' in the Tags. For this reason the Tags list shown in the QC Items Advanded Filter and that Editors see in the QC Item Edit view are only taking into account:

- Published QC Item Versions
- Withdrawn QC Item Versions
- The latest QC Item Version (regardless of QC Item Status)

Version by Frans De Jong - Nov. 2, 2023, 4:41 p.m.