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Here is an overview of the main concepts used in QC.EBU.IO:

QC (Test) Item

Each QC Item defines an aspect of AV material that can be tested. The definitions can be very detailed and typically include input parameters, output parameters, examples and sometimes (links to) test material.

QC Template

A collection of QC Items. The collection can include specific versions or automatically follow the latest (or latest published) version of a QC Item.

QC Editor

1. A person who can take part in the creation and review of QC Items. Any interested professional is welcome to join the group of QC Editors. Simply join the EBU QC Group.

2. A person who looks after the editing of a specific QC Item (each QC Item shows who is it's editor), with the aim of keeping it up-to-date and creating a new version of it when relevant. Other Editors may (and typically do) contribute to the drafting of a new version of the QC Item. The assigned Editor is leading the process.

Test Material

Audio and/or video sequences hosted on QC.EBU.IO for use in testing of professional media equipment.

Note that the QC.EBU.IO platform is used by multiple EBU Groups for their work, which is not limited to creating QC Items. QC.EBU.IO for example also hosts HDR test material for monitor testing and audio files for work on Next Generation Audio (NGA) production.

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